American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil
American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil

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Date posted: Jul, 19, 2022

Key Takeaways:

American, born and raised.

Software/web developer (remote), in my early fifties.

Speak and read Portuguese (novels, history etc.)

Love learning foreign languages.

Have lived in many foreign countries over the years.

I'm an example of how to live and work remotely from various countries, including Brazil. I fancy myself a sort of "armchair anthropologist" and like to analyze the peculiarities of the various cultures I encounter in foreign countries. I've lived in Colombia, Germany, China, Russia, Kenya and the Dominican Republic. Of all of those people, I prefer the Brazilians over all the rest.

I try to maintain some significant adherence to "Christian" principles, though I do not regard myself card-carrying adherent of any specific denomination (other than to say I'm squarely within the protestant camp). The Bible is a clever piece of literature (or, more precisely, a clever patchwork or mosaic of various stories written at different times, and by different authors). I don't speak about it much because the vast majority of "educated" westerners know nothing of it: they have not read it thoroughly as adults. If you're keen to try: you'll need a "study Bible" (google that) and a concordance (google that as well).
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