American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil
American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil

TIM Has Good Mobile Phone and Data Service


Date posted: Nov, 21, 2022

Key Takeaways:

Many cell/data service providers do NOT sell SIMs/data to foreigners. The company TIM does!

Down below in the map the marker is the shop in the Del Paseo shopping mall.

You WILL need to have a CPF number, otherwise they will not give you service.

Getting a SIM card in Brazil requires a CPF number. (see my other blog post on how to get it first)

I found TIMs mobile internet service to be sufficient to watch Netflix

Claro won't give you service if you don't have a residence or work-related visa. Forget it. I was really surprised by this as in the past I got Claro service and SIM cards in the Dominican Republic without even the slightest problem.

So, I used TIM, and was rather happy with them. I go into some of the details involved with TIM (pronounced "Cheem" in portuguese) down below in the how-to video I made.

I used TIM quite a bit when I was in a small hotel as the internet from time to time was not that good. I could regularly view youtube and netflix videos with no problem just on my phone's hotspot. You need to have a CPF to get the service.

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