American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil
American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil

Just an Example of an $800 USD per month apt. on Airbnb


Date posted: Nov, 19, 2022

Key Takeaways:

All inclusive (internet, electric, gas etc)

2 bedrooms/2 bath

Totally safe secured entrance, 20 story building.

I lived here for 4 months in 2022

This was my 2 bedroom apartment (see video below for more details) for 4 months in 2022. It is in one of Fortaleza's nice areas: Mireiles. I found it on Airbnb by search for stays that go longer than one month. When you do that kind of search on Airbnb lots of results will turn up that otherwise would not. The reason is because many landlords refuse to waste the time on people who come in for short 2 or 3 day stays. It is just not worth their while.

If you put your check-in and check-out dates such that your stay spans more than 30 days: a whole new range of places to stay will appear in the search results.

This guy (it was actually a family-run outfit with a few apartments) let me come and see it before renting. I really appreciated that and for me it sealed the deal.

This is one of the best ways to arrange for an apartment rental in Fortaleza (or any other foreign country for that matter).

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