American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil
American Living in Fortaleza, Brazil

Brazil vs. Colombian Dating


Date posted: Feb, 26, 2023

Key Takeaways:

You will probably do better with the ladies in Colombia (20% better I'd say).

Colombian women tend to be more feminine than Brazilian women.

The economy in Colombia is a good 20-30% less/worse than Brazil, overall.

Brazilian's have an all-around better society, so the women do NOT really want to leave as much.

I'm really not sure why it is exactly, but I feel as though I score with higher caliber women in Colombia than in Brazil. In reality, both countries are very similarly situated: their economics and other factors are roughly equivalent. And don't get me wrong: as a man in my early fifties I get much better pickings in both places than in America. It is harder for older guys to find a younger woman in America, that's for sure. This is especially the case if you're interested in having kids. The vast majority of those are mainly gone for me at this point in the states.

Also, I want to make clear up front: I like Brazil more than Colombia. I know that with certainty and in deep in my bones. So what gives?

Is it the more feminine nature of Colombian women?

We all know that women prefer men who are more masculine. And on average, Brazilian men tend to be slightly larger and stronger than their Colombian counterparts. Thus, when I am in Brazil I believe there is slightly more 'competition' as it were. The Brazilian girls are less attracted to American guys than they otherwise would be as compared to the Colombians. Again, don't get me wrong, I think both places are great along these lines.

Don't Deny Money and the Desire to Immigrate Factor In

If you don't think that women think about economics when choosing a partner you don't have your head screwed on straight.  Brazil's economy is about 20% better overall.

Also, Brazil is a better place generally to live than Colombia. Brazilians often do NOT want to leave at all. And if you date a foreign man that has to be a consideration: will a new husband require that you follow them overseas? There's a good chance of it no matter where both of the spouses are from. Thus, it is already off the table for many Brazilian girls who are in love with their own country's culture and way of life. I certainly find much better than Colombia from a culture perspective. I mean that general feeling one gets from one's daily life interacting with other people in society.

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